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Acceptance Criteria

Full papers should be up to a maximum of 5000 words (8 pages) and report substantial results from empirical studies or theoretical examinations. Inductive or positivist stances that seek to affirm or refute current theoretical knowledge are equally acceptable, as well as theoretical papers that seek to examine established or emerging theory, theoretical frameworks and models. All papers should have one of the following aims: to clarify, amend, extend or refute existing ideas and knowledge, or to posit new ideas that are grounded in sound reason or empirical evidence. Additionally, comprehensive reviews of literature in one of the central themes of the conference or a closely related area are welcome, provided authors are able to demonstrate a critical analysis of the field that extends current understanding by, for example, clarifying the arguments of opposing positions, or collating published evidence in support of a counter argument to a hitherto accepted idea.

Research papers should be grounded in robust methodology and sound reasoning, with clear justification of new propositions. Consideration of the implications of the work for policy decision-making and practice should be included where appropriate, with indication of the work’s relevance to closely related studies in the literature. Where the context permits, authors should consider how their work could benefit the Society, from the perspective of at least one of the following stakeholders: individual workers and entrepreneurs, communities of indigenous and native people, migrants and temporary residents, commercial organizations, government entities, sovereign nations and a region as a whole. This last criterion is especially important in evaluation of contributions for one of the Best Paper awards.

Paper lengths

  • Doctoral papers should be 6 pages.
  • Short papers should be 4 pages.
  • Full papers should be 10 pages.

Variation to these limits is at the discretion of the programme committee.

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