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Rates include: attendance to all sessions, Proceedings, Coffee Breaks, Luncheons.

Dollar and Euro rates are indicative only and registration should be made at the equivalent GBP rate.

 Registration Rate
Concession rate  525 USD, 325 GBP, 395 EUR
Doctoral student  445 USD, 275 GBP, 335 EUR
Academic delegate  600 USD, 375 GBP, 450 EUR
Business delegate  760 USD, 475 GBP, 570 EUR
Non-attending author  365 USD, 225 GBP, 275 EUR
Non-presenting delegate  365 USD, 225 GBP, 275 EUR

Student rate applies to full-time doctoral students at recognised higher education institutions. A confirmation letter of student status from an authorised member at the institution must accompany registration.

Concessionary rate for presenters from developing countries applies to the following countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan,  Sri Lanka, Syria, The Lebanon, Turkey, Yemen. If you consider your country to be a developing nation please contact us to enquire if you qualify for the concessionary rate.

Academic rate applies to delegates affiliated with a recognised higher education institution.

Non-attending authors may have their submission included in the proceedings with the option to present remotely or via pre-recorded video.

Registration entitles an author to submit a paper of the following style.

  • Doctoral papers should be maximum 8 pages.
  • Short papers should be maximum 6 pages.
  • Full papers should be maximum 12 pages.

Variation to these limits is at the discretion of the programme committee.

Register here: REGISTRATION

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